Supervisory review

The following table gives an overview over the general criteria and methodologies used by the CSSF in the review and evaluation referred to in Article 97 of Directive 2013/36/EU on SREP.

The SREP is the comprehensive process which supervisors use to review and evaluate the institutions' exposure to risks (i.e. risk profile), the adequacy and reliability of the institutions' ICAAP, the adequacy of the institutions' own funds and internal capital in relation to the assessment of its overall risk profile, to monitor ongoing compliance with regulatory standards and to identify any weaknesses or inadequacies and necessary prudential measures.

The ICAAP is a comprehensive process including the management body and senior management oversight, monitoring, reporting and internal control reviews, that institutions must have to identify and measure their risks, allowing them to ensure that adequate provision is made for holding sufficient internal capital in relation to their risk profile. 

Table of information:


Supervisory review table


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